Make a Playlist

Although I really enjoy many different types of music, I have a tough time remembering song titles or the name of the band. I tend to learn about music from recommendations from others. Now I've found a great site, Songza, that is a music search engine and jukebox.

Type in a band or song you would like to find and listen to. One of my favorite bands is Pink Martini so thought I'd share one of their songs if I could find it.

If you put in a band's name, Songza brings up a list of any songs available on the Internet from that band.

Note: Some of the songs in the results may be recordings from concerts. Other songs may be uploaded illegally. These recordings may be copyrighted.

It will be interesting to discuss legalities in using sites like this one and the implications.

Click on one of the songs and up comes an interactive remote that lets you play, rate, share, or add the song to your playlist. You can click play to play and pause the song. Go ahead and rate this song by clicking yes or no.

If you find a song you really like, you can link to it, twitter it so that you may share this song on your twitter, email to a friend, and even embed it on your site by clicking Embed, which brings up html code to copy.

What is pretty cool about this site (even though there are some questions in my mind about legality) is the ability to share, get a list of recommended artists that are similar to selected songs, and build a playlist. Songza does list where you can buy the song. They even have a link to the video of the song on YouTube.

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