Make Screen Space Count


My most useful tech tip would be aimed at those who are multi-taskers. I often have two or more windows open at one time and jump back and forth between them. If I want to view all of them, I right click my mouse on the task bar at the bottom of the desktop and choose

  • Tile Windows Horizontally or
  • Tile Windows Vertically

This brings up all of the windows I have open at one time and I can view a portion of each simultaneously. I use it primarily when I need to drag and drop information from a Website into a Word document. Having two windows tiled vertically or horizontally is ideal. Any more than that can sometimes get confusing.

Scott Meech added ... “you can use Alt + Tab to go between your open windows very quickly!”

Change the Screen View

Scott also added that you can go to full screen view quickly to eliminate the tool bars so more of the document is visible.

Go to View to Full Screen Mode.

I’d like to add that when you do a presentation with a PC laptop, you can quickly remove or add the toolbars by clicking F8.

Submitted by:Manette Crawford

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