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Make Your Own Rain Stick

This activity provides instructions for making a rain stick from a cardboard tube, rice or uncooked beans, and nails.Turning over a closed cylinder containing uncooked rice or beans produces the sound of falling rain.

Make your own Map

Have you been wanting to make a Google Map using quick and easy steps that will give you a map in just minutes?  Aardvark will help you do just that. It is a free program with many features such as

Make your own Newspaper

Tip: You can create your own newspaper article with the Newspaper Clipping Generator. I saw this tip mentioned on Twitter by Tammy Worcester and made my own clipping to share with you, featuring how-to directions. Think about how you can use this with your students: You can use this as a way to

Making Your Own Salt Piece

This activity provides instructions for making a salt structure that grows spontaneously from a salt solution. Salt crystals form as solutions evaporate and become more concentrated.

Make Your Own Temperature Scale

This experiment from Teach Engineering is a hands-on activity that allows students to make their own temperature scale before using that scale to measure temperatures in different places.

Produce your own Presentations

Microsoft Producer 2003 is a stand-alone application that works with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 or 2002 on a Windows 2000 or XP operating system to capture and synchronize audio, video, slides, and images, then preview and publish a rich media presentation virtually anywhere for viewing in a Web

Make Your Own Interactive CDs

We learn best when the knowledge or skill we think we’ve acquired is reinforced – especially when a concept can be visually demonstrated. That was probably the thinking behind those old classroom filmstrips that some of us may still be able to vaguely recall. Today the computer not only relegates those