Making Flyers, Brochures and More

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A few years ago, I remember obtaining my first copy of Publish It! It came on multiple diskettes, and allowed me to create brochures easily. Unlike with word processing programs of the time, such as WordPerfect, I was able to easily create textboxes, place images and then copy-n-paste text and have it flow from one frame to the next. While word processing programs have improved, some folk still long for an easy-to-use desktop publishing program. This probably explains the success of Microsoft Publisher, which comes with many templates and an extensive graphics library, which the Internet has made obsolete. You can now find free graphics on Web sites such as Open Clip Art Library (, which has 2,896 different images you can use. You can browse these graphics online ( or get the ZIPped file.

There is also the Linux- and Macintosh-compatible Scribus ( If you're a risk-taker then you can also attempt to install Scribus on your Windows computer. Just follow Installing Scribus on Win32 (

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