Manage all classroom lab devices

Vernier Software & Technology and LanSchool have partnered to make LabQuest handhelds and Logger Pro software accessible via LanSchool classroom management software. With this new functionality, educators can manage all devices, as well as project any and all connected LabQuest screens so that students can view and interpret data in real-time as experiments are conducted.

LanSchool software allows instructors to see every LabQuest handheld data-collection device in use in a classroom from their own computer in order to better supervise student experiments as they happen.Educators use the LabQuest WiFi adapter to connect to a LanSchool classroom. Once connected, teachers can:

· View live images of all of the connected LabQuest devices in the classroom

· Control what students are doing with any connected LabQuest during data collection, graphing and analysis

· Blank students’ screens

· Ask students questions and have them respond

· Use an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to view and manage any connected LabQuest or desktop

· Send and collect files between the teacher desktop and LabQuest handheld devices

· Send messages to students

The LanSchool functionality will be available in July 2011. This new feature is being showcased at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference and interested individuals can view a demonstration of the technology at the Vernier booth #815.