Managing Internet traffic in Canadian schools

Network security and student safety have emerged as top priorities for education leaders in Canada as educators rely increasingly on the Internet for instruction, educational resources, assessment, data management, and more. With the benefits of the Internet come pressing IT challenges: protecting students from inappropriate online content, effectively blocking known and unknown threats including anonymous proxies, managing bandwidth to ensure network reliability and performance for learning, and maintaining safety and security when computers are off the network.

An new option for schools in Western Canada is now available from Lightspeed Systems Inc., provider of network security and management software in the U.S. K-12 education market. Total Traffic Control software allows districts to manage, monitor and secure their networks through a single comprehensive solution. Lightspeed Systems has partnered with Evolution Learning Technologies, a Canadian audiovisual and education technology dealer, to sell Total Traffic Control software and its components in Western Canada to help schools provide a safe, engaging 21st century learning environment for students.

"Lightspeed's Web filtering and network monitoring software is an ideal complement to the education technology we provide schools in support of 21st century learning," said Neil Zielke, vice president of sales for Evolution Learning Technologies. "As schools across Western Canada implement one-to-one and mobile computing initiatives, they need a cost-effective solution to protect their network and students." Evolution serves schools in the British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba provinces.

Total Traffic Control combines content filtering, mobile filtering, spam management, bandwidth management, antivirus protection, e-mail archiving, desktop and gateway security, and extensive reporting capabilities. The software comprises several components: Email Manager, Security Manager, Web Access Manager, and Network Traffic Manager. Recently, Lightspeed Systems added the Educational Video Library to Web Access Manager, enabling educators to use YouTube videos safely for classroom instruction without exposing students to inappropriate content or risking network security.

"Our software is designed to help administrators maintain the critical balance between learning and safety, without over- or under-blocking," said Scott Garrison, president of Lightspeed Systems. "Schools can manage the increasingly complex nature of network security, while enabling rich, engaging Web-based learning experiences. Evolution's outstanding service and support will ensure effective use of our products and that schools' needs are met."