Managing the Scope of Your Project

As professional developers, we take on multiple projects and try to juggle everything efficiently even though we may find ourselves a little overwhelmed. Okay à a lot overwhelmed. There are four basic elements of every project:

  • Time involves the duration of the tasks and subtasks.
  • Resources include software, hardware, support material, and people.
  • Money affects how much is budgeted and expensed for the project.
  • Scope encompasses the purpose, goals and objectives around the project size.

It is important to determine the scope of your project before you start allocating any of your budgets. Let's say, you are creating a mentoring program based on one of your talented teachers. You created a budget based on this person who will not need any training. Then something happens. This wonderful person decides to leave. So you find someone else to fill their shoes, but they need training that you did not budget for. The scope of your project needs to take in several scenarios so you allocate enough in your budget for any changes.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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