Mapping shared folders in Macintosh OS X

Question: What are different methods for connecting to a shared folder on the network in Macintosh OS X?

The IT Guy says:

In Macintosh OS 9, users connected to shared server folders using the "Chooser" and generally selecting Appleshare, which was a System Folder extension. To connect natively to Windows based servers in OS 9, special software like Thursby Software's "Dave" was required. To connect to Novell Netware servers, special client software could be required (depending on the Netware version used and configuration.) This is no longer the case with Macintosh OS X.

Server directories are shared over networks with different protocols. These include Appleshare, WebDAV, NFS, and SMB (Windows File Service). Macintosh OS X computers can connect natively to shared directories using all of these protocols.

To connect, in the FINDER select GO - CONNECT TO SERVER. Then enter the syntax appropriate for the protocol used to share the server folder on the network. This may be the IP address of the server, or a protocol specific prefix followed by the name of the server and the share name. These are the same server names and share names used by Windows users. If you are not sure what protocol is being used on your network to share directories, contact your network administrator.

Apple has an article covering these different server connectivity options on

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