Messaging Platform Dynamic Response™ Aims to Help Companies in Crisis Communications

Communication strategy firm maslansky + partners has launched Version 2.0 of Dynamic Response™, a predictive data-driven messaging platform that compiles market research insights from 20 years of corporate crisis and issue responses to help communicators formulate the appropriate messaging. The platform is accessible to professional communicators on a subscription basis. 

“We’ve tested thousands of messages for hundreds of companies around the world on a wide range of crises and issues. We’ve seen which messages work, which do not, and why. And there are clear patterns that are predictive of how an audience will react based on the circumstances,” said Michael Maslansky, CEO of maslansky + partners.

At the heart of Dynamic Response™ is an  algorithm that diagnoses what matters based on the facts of a situation, generates an issue-specific framework, and provides message starting points for communicators to finish and finesse. 

Version 2.0 of Dynamic Response includes the following:

  • An expanded, continuously updated database of research-tested message starters and examples
  • A centralized, searchable response archive to make finding approved responses to similar challenges across brands and markets easier
  • Agency partner access
  • Integrated review and approval workflow 
  • Regular feature updates