MetaMetrics Launches Quantile® Sequencing Service

Today at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) 2019 Annual Meeting & Exposition, MetaMetrics® unveiled Quantile® Sequencing Service, which will allow publishers to create student learning pathways in their math content.

The Quantile Framework® for Mathematics places both the student and instructional material on the same scale to match the learner with math resources at their ability level. Quantile measures allow education companies to bring the power of personalized math instruction to their products and programs by matching learners with resources. More than 20 million students receive Quantile measures every school year from their state and classroom assessments. 

With the Quantile Sequencing Service, publishers will point teachers to the lesson or activity in their math content where a student needs to be working, according to the classroom topic and the student’s skill level. The Service identifies the most relevant place in math content for a struggling student to begin acquiring prerequisite skills needed to succeed with grade-level content.

To take advantage of the Quantile Sequencing Service, publishers provide MetaMetrics with their math content which is first calibrated to the math skills and concepts of the Quantile Framework. Then it is sequenced using the Quantile measures of these skills and concepts.. The publisher receives a report that demonstrates how its content’s Quantile measures sequence across grade levels. Publishers use this report to determine the best way to personalize learning in their content for students with different Quantile measures.

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