Microsoft's Vista

Question: We've upgraded to Vista, and all the menus in my folders are gone! Is there a way to get them back?

The IT Guy says:
Microsoft's Vista operating system is a pretty dramatic departure from the past. Many of the new features have improved the ease of use and power of the system, but one of the tradeoffs is that the design often doesn't work the way we're used to. One area where this is true is the menus.

The new approach tries to simplify the way you control your file folders by replacing the old menu strip (File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, Help) with a less visually cluttered approach. When you open a file folder in Vista, those options no longer appear across the top. However, many of us are quite familiar and comfortable with the old layout, and don't want to learn something new to be able to do what we already knew how to do. (It may have been a mess, but it was a mess I understood!)

Luckily, Microsoft did not eliminate the menu bar; it just hid it. While you have a folder window open, simply press the ALT key. The menus will magically appear! If you want to make them appear all the time, while you have the window open, select Organize. From the options that open, click Folder and Search Options. Choose the View tab and check the box next to Always Show Menus. Click OK, and from here on out your windows will have your tried-and-trusted menus.

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