Middle School Creates Collaborative Learning Environment

Painted Hills Middle School in Desert Hot Springs, California, has standardized on Extron’s PoleVault® and WallVault® Systems for classroom AV technology. The Extron systems help create a learning environment that includes collaborative seating, interactive technologies, and advanced audiovisual capabilities. Extron's VoiceLift® infrared wireless microphone system was also included to help evenly distribute the teacher's voice throughout the room.

“The visual, audio, and interactive components of the PoleVault and WallVault systems support the key modes of learning with technology in our classrooms” says William Carr, the Director of Educational Technology Information Systems for the district. Anthony Cortes, Director of Sales and Marketing, K-12 Classroom Systems for Extron adds, "By standardizing on Extron classroom AV systems for the installation, the district was able to meet the new school's current needs and create a solid platform for the future."

Extron PoleVault Systems, designed for ceiling mounted projectors, were installed in 34 regular classrooms and 9 science classrooms, as well as the band, choir, drama, and conference rooms. The wall-mounted WallVault System was selected for the gym, library, and computer lab, for structural reasons. PoleVault and WallVault System enclosures securely mount and conceal AV components near the projector to discourage tampering and theft, as well as free up space in the classroom.