Milwaukee schools embrace streaming digital media

Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) has begun implementing Discovery Education streaming Plus in more than 140 schools. The program boosts curricula with up to 9,000 videos and 71,000 digital video clips, aligned to state standards and searchable by keyword, content area and grade level.

"The most critical goal of Milwaukee Public Schools' strategic plan is to create student success through academic achievement," said Jim Davis, technology director for MPS. "Digital content from Discovery Education is scientifically shown to improve academic achievement, making it the natural choice to support the district's long term goals."

Discovery Education will also be providing an array of professional development services for district educators to ensure they become familiar with new technologies and know how to integrate them into curricula.

"Discovery Education provides not only high-quality digital media aligned to Wisconsin state standards, but also high-impact professional development opportunities that ensure we use these tools in the most effective way possible," said Thomas Hanley, principal of Golda Meir Elementary School in MPS. "Our students don't see this service as a 'new technology.' As digital natives, they are familiar with digital media as it is a regular component of their everyday lives."

MPS also built Discovery Education streaming Plus into its "continuity of learning" plans. "The digital content, assignment builders, quiz builders, and other available resources make Discovery Education streaming Plus a critical tool in our efforts to ensure students can continue their academic growth in the face of a prolonged disruption caused by H1N1 or any other source," explained Hanley.

In addition to providing digital content and relevant professional development, Discovery Education also offers one of the nation's largest professional learning communities, the Discovery Educator Network. Through the 125,000 member Discovery Educator Network, educators have access to a wide range of technology training as well as a resource library of teacher-generated projects and tools.