Mobile Not Just for BYOT

Mobile Not Just for BYOT

According to a new survey conducted by MDR’s EdNET Insight service on behalf of Mimio, school administrators, technology directors, and coordinators responded that mobile learning goes beyond 1:1 and BYOD programs. Survey highlights include:

75 percent of respondents indicated that their districts were purchasing mobile devices for use by select grade levels or in specific content areas, rather than the more universal approaches of 1:1 implementation and BYOD programs.

✱ More than two thirds of respondents (74 percent for all mobile devices and 69 percent for tablets) use the devices primarily as a general purpose device for both instruction and assessment.

78 percent of respondents anticipate that mobile devices will be useful tools for the Common Core Assessments in the 2014-15 school year.

✱ When asked about the types of mobile devices their districts were considering for future purchase and implementation, the majority of respondents (82 percent) selected the iPad. Chromebooks received the second highest response, with 35 percent of respondents choosing that option.