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Question: Is there a way we can explore the use of Moodle without going through the effort of setting up our own server?

The IT Guy says:
"Moodle" is an open-source learning management system being used around the world for creating online learning programs for K-12, higher education, and professional development. Even though it is free to download and install, it still takes some expertise to do so. However, there are many options for those that want to just try it out. The Moodle organization has several official partners, including Moodelrooms, ClassroomRevolution, and Each of these will let you sign up for your own Moodle on their servers, most of them with a range of accounts from the single-teacher size up to full districts.

If you're lucky, however, you'll know someone in a local school or district that has already set up a Moodle server. If you ask very nicely, they may set up an empty course that you can use for a "sandbox." There are loads of documentation built into the software itself, and many great books and online guides to help you learn your way around. Good luck!

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