Narrow your Google Search


You can do a lot more with Google search than just typing in search terms. Go to Google to Advanced Search to bring up results for:

  • ALL the search terms you type in
  • the exact phrase you type in
  • at least one of the words you type in or none of the words you type in
  • sites written in a certain language
  • files in a specific format i.e. .ppt or .doc
  • sites updated within a certain period of time
  • numbers within a certain range
  • a certain domain, or Website
  • sites that do not contain "adult" material

There is so much in here that actually I was confused. So I did a little searching for guides on searching, and I found a great one, Google Guide. Besides offering an online interactive tutorial, it also lets the user download a Quick Cheat Sheet as a PDF file. Here's a few of the tips from that Cheat Sheet.

link: Find linked pages, i.e., show pages that point to the URL (Find pages that link to Warrior Librarian's website.)

define: Define words, phrases, and acronyms from the Web. define:kerning (Find definitions for kerning from the Web.)

related: List web pages that are similar or related to the URL

If you are looking for theaters and times for a particular film, just type in movies:zipcode. I just did a search and now can see not only the movie theater times but trailers and reviews.

You can also do a search for the weather in an area.To check the weather in Los Angeles, I typed in weather:los angeles.

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