NC District Partners to Align Digital Learning Resources to Curriculum

As more districts shift from print to digital learning resources, many administrators are looking to ease the transition for teachers and students by aligning curriculum with relevant digital content. This fall, Cabarrus County Schools in North Carolina will use Knovation’s new Curriculum Services to guide its transition by providing tailored digital content for science, math and English language arts (ELA) classes.

Looking to move from traditional textbooks to flexible and rigorous online digital content, Cabarrus County turned to icurio, a learning engagement solution from Knovation that supports blended learning environments. With district-wide access to icurio across elementary, middle and high schools beginning in August, Cabarrus County is also working with the company’s Curriculum Services team to align digital resources to the district’s specific curriculum for core subject areas and grade levels to ensure that content is age-, grade- and context-appropriate.

The new service combines Knovation’s content with its Learning Resource Library, featuring hundreds of thousands of digital learning resources, which are aligned to and delivered through a district-specific scope and sequence built directly into icurio. Cabarrus County has used Knovation Curriculum Services in general science, biology, chemistry, Earth and environmental science, math and ELA courses across multiple grade levels, with more custom curriculum planned for additional grades and subjects in the near future.