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With its streamlined interface andmore intuitive search approach,the newest version of netTrekkerSearch makes it easier and fasterfor teachers and students to findand retrieve content specificto interest and grade level.
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With its streamlined interface and more intuitive search approach, the newest version of netTrekker Search makes it easier and faster for teachers and students to find and retrieve content specific to interest and grade level. Gone is the cluttered interface of orange boxes and tabs, replaced by sleek and inviting Search and Browse buttons allowing quicker access to over 330,000 sources of digital content.

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Quality and Effectiveness: With this new version, teachers can add content to their portfolios on the fly with a quick press of the save button conveniently located on the tool bar. URLs can also be copied onto the clipboard and pasted into Word docs or PDFs for quick lesson planning and documenting of sources. 10,000 new images have been added and content is updated daily keeping it fresh, current, and in line with state standards.

Ease of Use: netTrekker Search’s makeover features a sleeker, role-specific interface with the added functionality of searching by key factors of Subject, Theme, Tools, and Famous Person, allowing users to quickly drill down and access the most relevant content. Details of searches are now limited to those of the highest interest, and the addition of infinitely scrolling means fewer clicks when perusing search results. Additionally, teachers can now toggle between elementary, middle, and high school search results without having to leave the search page.

Creative Use of Technology: netTrekker Search’s biggest asset is the wealth of digital, differentiated information available to the learning community. Teachers can easily develop curriculum by embedding videos, quizzes, project ideas, and specific URLs into lesson plans. Additionally, content can be read aloud, defined and translated from any source page, fostering independence and empowering ELL students or anyone needing a little extra help.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: The ability to quickly and easily view content in a safe and controlled environment makes netTrekker Search an invaluable classroom resource. In this newer version, teachers have the ability to share and save from the classroom level to the district level, making it easy to collaborate with other teachers and keep parents actively in the loop.


• Searching is streamlined making it easier for teachers and students to find exactly what they are looking for.
• Teachers can add content to their portfolios on the fly.
• Students can quickly refine searches based on things like readability level, content type, and language.

OVERALL RATING: With its streamlined interface, consistency of look, and simplified search options, the new netTrekker Search opens up exciting new worlds to students and teachers. With so much out there, it’s easy to get lost; but not to worry; no matter where you are, something new is always around the corner, and now, you can get there a whole lot faster.



Product Review: netTrekker Search promo image

Product Review: netTrekker Search

With its streamlined interface and more intuitive search approach, the newest version of NetTrekker makes it easier and faster for teachers and students to find and retrieve content specific to interest and grade level.

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