Network management tool aids Louisiana district

Monroe City School District (MCSD), services the city of Monroe, Louisiana’s public K12 education needs, including approximately 9000 students. The district was challenged to keep track of its dispersive network infrastructure’s health and performance.

As a school district spread across 21 different schools and district offices, MCSD had no way of knowing and monitoring the range of IT equipment used. After investigating various vendor-specific solutions, the district chose SolarWinds to help monitor total network health, and to enable proactivity in diagnosing and resolving network health issues before they affect the users and students.

MCSD chose SolarWinds because it offered a way to manage and maintain the district’s entire solution set within a common toolset, without having to branch out into multiple product suites and separate monitoring platforms. Other vendor specific solutions were found to be focused only on one technology set, and less diverse than SolarWinds in monitoring from a single platform.MCSD reports a substantial improvement in network management and historical metrics tracking. They are now able to proactively detect problems in the network, analyze trending data, and report to the board on uptime statistics.