New California Charter School Saves $245,000 on Refurbished Apple Products

Opening a new school can be costly, especially when you’re equipping students with the latest technology. But students at one new California charter school have access to more than 350 MacBooks, and school leadership has room in the budget to spare.

Since the Academy of Arts and Sciences opened, administrators have purchased more than 350 refurbished MacBooks from Mac to School, provider of refurbished Apple devices.

“We searched everywhere for the highest quality technology available within our budget, and Mac to School was a perfect fit,” said Sean McManus, CEO of the Academy of Arts and Sciences. “Each time we’ve ordered from them, their customer service team has worked with us to make sure we get exactly what we need.”

While the district could have paid more than $350,000 to buy new technology directly from Apple, Mac to School was able to save them $245,000 on purchasing refurbished technology.

“We want every school system to be able to afford the best technology, no matter what size their budget is,” said Robert Baker, Mac to School’s co-founder and president. “We love helping new schools like the Academy of Arts and Sciences set their students up for success.”

In addition to providing school districts with an option for purchasing refurbished computers, Mac to School also offers to purchase Apple products from districts that are looking to upgrade or make room in their budget for new computers.