New education tablet computer released

ARCHOS is offering a full tablet solution for education.

“As the tablet market continues to grow and find its identity we have started to target specialized sectors that can benefit from our innovation and are expected to fuel growth. Education is at the top of the list. Our tablets are ideal across all sectors of education” said Henri Crohas, CEO of ARCHOS. “By partnering with ARCHOS, schools and education professionals are able to offer a complete and affordable digital solution without compromising on technology and quality.”

ARCHOS Tablets are designed to fit school, teacher and student needs; they’re thin, lightweight, and have been optimized to maximize battery life, making them more portable than a laptop or netbook. The tablets are also fully compatible with online teaching and learning platforms, such as Smartboard and are capable of offering enhanced ebooks featuring images, video and audio. Students can highlight text, take notes in the margin and access a dictionary directly within the book itself.

The company has provided tablets to educational institutions throughout the U.S. and beyond, including the following:

Sangari (USA):

ARCHOS worked with Sangari Global Education, a K12 education service provider focused on high-quality, inquiry-based science education for elementary and middle school students and serving 25,000 students in the United States this year. The company provided customized ARCHOS 101 Internet Tablets with a dedicated application for teachers to access Sangari instructional content, assessment, and digital resources.

NETS (Institución Educativa NETS) (USA):

ARCHOS, through its exclusive distributors Nets and Elitesoft Corporation, provides ARCHOS 70 and ARCHOS 101 Internet Tablets in support of the U.S. Department of Education’s Public Law 107-110 (No Child Left Behind). Nets, a major provider of tutoring services for K-12 students in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean, and Elitesoft Corporation, a leading education app and software developer, have chosen ARCHOS tablets to allow K-12 students to benefit from a cutting-edge tablet coupled with an interactive app allowing them to improve their English, Spanish, Math and Science classes.

KUNO/uWrite (USA):

ARCHOS customized a 10" tablet for KUNO, a uWriteTouch brand that specializes in affordable interactive touch-screen and LCD devices.

SEB (Sytema Educata Brazil):

SEB is the largest chain of private K12 schools in Brazil and of the largest in higher education distance learning. SEB, Sistema Educacional Brasileiro, was established in 1963 and became listed in Brazilian stock market in 2007. They will provide the ARCHOS 101 Internet Tablet to their students within the framework of the electronic learning program.