New Globally Focused Vlog Launched: Mastering Virtual Assessments

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(Image credit: Unsplash/Fabian Irsara)

Global Teletherapy has started a new VLOG called Globally Focused, featuring videos created by the executive clinical team to assist therapists with new challenges they may encounter with online therapy. 

The first series produced by the team of remote therapy experts is entitled Globally Focused: Virtual Assessments. 

“Virtual assessments for the special education population have become a challenging part of distance learning for schools," explains Rina Goode, M.S. CCC-SLP, Clinical Director of Global Teletherapy. "We have created videos to assist therapists with their evaluations.”

Therapists can access the 10-part first series now at

Global Teletherapy has also created a comprehensive guidebook as a companion to the video series. Although the guidebook will benefit anyone in the e-tech learning industry, it has a unique value for school administrators and therapists. 

Whether administrator or therapist, guidebook readers will notice the similarity between virtual and face-to-face assessments, thereby gaining confidence in the quality of the virtual assessment. 

Guidebook Excerpt: Part I- Virtual Assessments: General Considerations

Successful virtual assessments need to account for these factors: 

  • The Learning Coach
    The onsite learning coach works closely with the remote clinician to prepare the child for the assessment, by verifying that the audio and video are working and ensuring materials are present for students. The learning coach does not require any clinical training, as he/she is not performing any clinical duties.
  • Test Security
    Materials can be handled in such a way that the learning coach opens the materials on camera or only gains access to them directly before the assessment, then seals the envelope containing the materials to be returned while still on the camera.
  • Equipment
    A computer with a webcam and a document camera is necessary to conduct the session. Screen size will be determined by the tests being given.
  • Environment
    The best of all scenarios would be to find a private, quiet room to minimize distractions. In virtual assessments, as with those conducted onsite, the environment must be looked at carefully to see how disturbances or other environmental factors may impact results.

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