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New Mathematics Program for Common Core Introduced

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), in collaboration with Big Ideas Learning, today introduced Big Ideas Math 2014, a Common Core-aligned math series.

Big Ideas Math 2014 is aligned to the newest progression documents that form the Common Core State Standards for math. To reach Common Core proficiency, students must show a progression of skills that develops year over year. The pedagogy behind Big Ideas Math is designed to help sequence the Standards and provide coherence to each topic.

Big Ideas Math also builds in student assessment. The program embeds preparation for Common Core testing in the online test practice, activities, exercises, in-book assessments, standardized test practice, and ExamView, a test generator created to help prepare students for assessment.

New features in the teacher’s edition incorporate detailed support for standards, including full context around each standard as it exists in the material.

One book in the series, Big Ideas Math: A Common Core Curriculum Algebra 1, was named the 2013 Most Promising New Textbook by The Text and Academic Authors Association.

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