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New Mexico district promotes energy awareness through Web

As part of an ongoing campaign to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, Moriarty-Edgewood School District has launched an energy awareness Web site designed to help students, parents and faculty reduce energy costs and improve the environment across the community. The Web site is part of the district’s broader ACT! Earth energy sustainability program that has helped it save more than $500,000 in energy costs since 2006 through changes in how students and staff manage energy.

“Changing how we use energy is just as important as implementing new technologies when it comes to minimizing our impact on the environment and reducing utility costs,” said Dr. Karen Couch, superintendent of the district. “ACT! Earth has been a tremendous success in helping raise awareness for energy conservation across our district since we introduced the program several years ago, and we look forward to strengthening these efforts through the educational resources and materials available on the new Web site.”

Located at, the Web site serves as a resource in making additional energy-efficiency gains across the district. The site provides educational materials and curriculum for teachers and students at all grade levels to encourage awareness and participation in energy-saving activities. It highlights simple energy reduction tips students and faculty can use both at school and at home, and allows users to view real-time energy consumption data at each school in the district to see the impact of conservation measures firsthand.

The ACT! Earth program was co-developed by Honeywell, which has worked with the district since 1994 to reduce operating costs through centralized management of building systems, infrastructure improvements, building equipment optimization and ongoing analysis of energy consumption across all district facilities.