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New release of book manager software

A popular library and textbook automation product has released a new version designed to save time and increase efficiency for K12 schools.
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A popular library and textbook automation product has released a new version designed to save time and increase efficiency for K12 schools.

“Most of the new features and improvements in Destiny 9.9 are the result of suggestions and feedback from users, all of which allow Destiny to evolve and continue to meet their changing needs,” said George Gatsis, vice president of product management, marketing and development for Follett Software Company.

Key features in Destiny 9.9 include the following:

  • Greater email flexibility. Additional configuration options are now available in the Destiny Administrator to use Follett Software's SMTP server to send email notices via Gmail, YahooMail and Hotmail.
  • Improved differentiation between library and textbook fines. Fine History Reports now include Destiny Library Manager and Destiny Textbook Manager indicators to better differentiate library materials from textbook fines.
  • Increased refund processing capability. Sites that are authorized to process refunds and have configured SMTP servers are now able to generate multiple email refund requests for patrons who return books after the book has been identified as lost and a fine paid.
  • Quicker printing of new patron barcodes. Temporary patron lists can be created to use to print patron barcodes.
  • Enhanced reporting on items checked out during the day. Users are now able to see how many books have been checked out during the school day. The list is sorted by time and starts with the first checkout of the day.
  • Conveniently print Lexile, AR and RC labels. Users that currently subscribe to Reading Program Services are now able to print their labels based on the last time they updated them on pre-approved Follett Software label stock.
  • Quickly update textbook due dates. Users can now create a global update to correct or modify the due date of their textbooks.

Gatsis noted that existing Destiny customers with current technical support are entitled to the 9.9 upgrade at no additional cost.

Destiny Library Manager is in use in more than 45,000 schools and 4,000 districts across the country, while Destiny Textbook Manager is in use in more than 13,000 schools and 1,000 districts nationwide.



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