New research on school principals and social networking

New research on school principals and social networking

A new research report summarizes the results of an extended look at school principals’ use of social networking. The underlying research for the report, “School Principals and Social Networking in Education: Practices, Policies, and Realities in 2010,” was conducted by; IESD, Inc.; MMS Education; and MCH Strategic Data. Among the key findings:

¦ Most principals who responded to the survey believe that socialnetworking sites can provide value in education.

¦ About half the surveyed principals felt that social networking is very valuable for these purposes.

¦ Most of the responding principals thought that social networking and online collaboration tools would make a substantive change in students’ educational experience. Specific changes mentioned included:
• Development of a more social/ collaborative view of learning
• Improved motivation, engagement, and/or active involvement
• Creation of a connection to real-life learning

¦ None of the responding principals in the discussion group had in place school or district policies on social networking that were deemed adequate.

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