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New Teacher Tool Makes Individualized Learning and RTI (Response to Intervention) Easy

Few students are exactly “on grade level” and in fact, most are either above or behind their current grade level by a significant amount. Up until now, teachers had little help to remedy this problem and instead had to rely
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Few students are exactly “on grade level” and in fact, most are either above or behind their current grade level by a significant amount. Up until now, teachers had little help to remedy this problem and instead had to rely on stacks of textbooks, folders filled with lessons and scores of disconnected resources to build individual learning plans. Now that daunting task is being made easier with a new product called Learning Plans on Demand from the International Learning Corporation.

Curriculum designers and education experts who created Learning Plans on Demand built the program to address the vital need for individualized learning also called “Response to Intervention” (RTI). “The best way to help students reach their potential is to give them lessons that fit their unique needs so Learning Plans on Demand was designed to make that process easier for the teacher,” said Bill Tudor, founder and president of International Learning Corporation. “LPOD solves a big problem because few teachers have extra time to dig through books and their treasured three-ring binders to find specific activities for each student’s performing grade level.”

Education experts have long stated that individualized learning is the most effective way for students to learn. Giving teachers a quick way to build those plans with complete confidence that the activities are correlated to their standards fills a critical need. LPOD also fills a need for administrators because it automatically analyzes the trends of how teachers use the program and identifies potential trouble spots.

“From an administrator’s perspective, LPOD helps us quickly get a read on what our teachers need and where there might be problems in the curriculum,” said Dr. Rita Wright, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, Butler County School District in Alabama. “For example, I can look at the curriculum gap analysis and correct the problems now so they don’t continue in the future.”

Learning Plans on Demand (LPOD) is Web-based and it quickly creates individual learning plans -- over a wide range of grade levels and subjects -- from a large bank of assessment questions, tutorials and practice activities that are aligned to state learning standards and the content of high-stakes assessments and high school exit exams. LPOD also allows administrators to readily locate gaps in their curriculum for mathematics, language arts, reading and science and at any grade level from grades K-8.

LPOD was built on the award-winning Rapid Resources® program which has been used across the country for two years. In addition to the administrator tools, LPOD includes new coding tools tied to learning objectives that can be used for curriculum planning or for teachers who want extra detail about their lessons: Bloom’s Categories, the Prior Knowledge Level, and the Degrees of Knowledge.

About Learning Plans on Demand
Learning Plans on Demand™ ( is a Web-based program that creates individualized learning plans with teacher-created, standards-based activities that are easily implemented in class or at home. LPOD includes a simple assessment tool to determine if a student needs remediation exercises or accelerated learning exercises in specific skill areas for mathematics, language arts, reading or science from grades K-8 and including HSEE prep. Analysis tools help administrators locate curriculum gaps and analyze instructional trends. Call (866) 343-5189 or email for more information.

About International Learning Corporation
International Learning Corporation (, based in Stuart, Fla. creates software and content for students to achieve academic success. In addition to Learning Plans on Demand, International Learning Corporation also developed The Parent Tutor ( and Rapid Resources (



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