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Next Big Thing: Cisco Show and Share

Cisco’s new Show and Share let you create live and on-demand video content and define who can watch specific content.
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Show and Share

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Cisco’s Digital Media Suite (DMS) offers educators Webcasting and video sharing, digital signage, and IPTV applications for fostering collaboration in school. The company’s new product, Show and Share, helps schools create secure video communities. Users can upload content and access it on demand, as well as collaborate by means of rating, word tagging, and other tools.



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Next Big Thing: YoLink

Smarter Searching Forget Bing vs. Google. Take your students to the next level of search and try yolink (http Search links and electronic documents via key terms and find content in context with key words highlighted for easy recognition.

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Next Big Thing: Freemiums

As the popularity of open source increases and more free content is added to the Web every day, how will K–12 edtech companies survive?

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The next big thing.

Apple’s hyped release of its iBooks2 for iPad has reignited the debate over technology and the “reinvention” of education.

Video sharing application

 Cisco® Show and Share is a webcasting and video sharing application that helps organizations create secure video communities and optimize global video collaboration.