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A Ning Primer

As many of our readers know, is a web tool that allows educators to build an ad free social networking site (e.g. Facebook and MySpace are two of the most popular social networking sites) to supplement their class.  The

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T&L ASKS READERS Did you go to ISTE this year?

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The Sky is Fall-NING

 Okay, it really isn’t fall ning, but this last week you would be hard pressed to convince my Personal Learning Network of this. The following NINGS (and many more) are poised to cease and desist.(Details coming May 4, 2010) Well,

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Sponsorship keeps Ning free

  As Ning transitions to its new offerings and pricing model in July, sponsorship by the education services and technology company Pearson will allow education networks to stay online – free.

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How much do you actually use in school?

T&L Asks Readers Chances are you have more software and computing power at your fingertips than do all the astronauts put together. How much do you actually use in school?