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NJ Academy Installs PalmEntry™ Physical Access Control System

Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc.and QSA National, Inc, announce that Oak Hill Academy has installed Fujitsu’s PalmEntry™ physical access control system at key access points throughout its 20-acre campus.
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Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc., provider of technology and front-end solutions and QSA National, Inc., an authorized reseller of Fujitsu security solutions, announce that Lincroft, New Jersey-based, Oak Hill Academy has installed Fujitsu’s PalmEntry™ physical access control system at key access points throughout its 20-acre campus. Oak Hill Academy is an independent, not-for profit, co-educational school for grades pre-K to 8. 

Oak Hill Academy was founded in 1981 on the mission that ‘all children have an instinctive need to learn’ and a ‘desire to do work of significance.’ Oak Hill Academy currently registers 5th through 8th graders and all faculty and staff on PalmEntry.

“We are very pleased with the performance of the PalmEntry solution and our partnership with QSA National and Fujitsu. The PalmEntry system is another key ingredient in providing the safest environment possible for our 400 students, faculty and staff,” said Joseph A. Pacelli, Founder and Headmaster. “The opt-in rate of the technology is higher than expected. As our enrollment increases over the next 12 months and we become more accustomed to the technology, we will consider installing additional PalmEntry units. This will help us carry out our mission, but more importantly provide our staff and faculty the time to form a more personal connection with all the students and parents.”

The PalmEntry system relies on Fujitsu’s PalmSecure® biometric technology. The Fujitsu PalmSecure biometric palm vein sensors use a near-infrared light to capture a user’s palm vein pattern, generating a unique biometric template that is matched against the palm vein patterns of pre-registered users. The PalmSecure device does not come into contact with the skin, making it hygienic, non-intrusive and unrestricted by external factors such as skin types and conditions. Registration for the PalmEntry system takes less than one minute and authentication takes less than one second. The palm vein device can only recognize the pattern if the blood is actively flowing within the individual’s veins, soforgery is next to impossible.

“We are proud that Oak Hill Academy has chosen the Fujitsu PalmEntry access control system as one of the key components in their overall campus security system and to be partnering again with QSA National, Inc.,” according to Randy Fox, vice president, currency handling and identification product solutions, Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. “The way the PalmEntry installations complement the overall campus security strategy at Oak Hill should serve as a model for other educational institutions looking for ways to non-intrusively improve security, but more importantly, provide a better learning environment for all parties involved.”



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