Not Able to Do it All?

Let’s say you are asked to provide professional development and then realize you don’t know how to do some tasks. Instead of taking a crash course, staying up all night reading how to do something, why not hire a subcontractor to help you.

  • Check to see if it is okay to contract your work out as long as you monitor the work they do.
  • Ask your colleagues to recommend a consultant or company.
  • Have the consultant provide a detailed proposal that outlines the project, description, and cost for products and services.
  • Interview the consultant face-to-face.
  • Make sure you are clear who you are hiring and your expectations. Sometimes you hire a company based on the person you thought you were hiring. Then the company sends a different person to do the job that is not up to your specifications.
  • Create a schedule when products or services are due including the draft form for input and approval from you.

From my experience, it is better to bounce ideas off of someone else has the skills and you respect then to try and do everything yourself.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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