Novell Default Login Change

Question: How do you change the default login name in a Novell environment?

The IT Guy says:
Changing the default login can save a lot of time if you are rebooting a computer lab or several computers. To change the default login name that appears upon bootup on a Novell system, right-click on the red N on the taskbar (the NetWare Services icon). Click on Novell Client Properties. Click on the Location Profiles tab. In the Location Profiles text box, click on the word Default so that the Properties button can now be selected. When you click on this Properties button, the Location Profile Properties: Default dialog box opens. Click on the Properties button on this screen. In the Username: textbox, type the user name that you want to be displayed upon bootup AND be sure that there is a check mark in the box by Save profile after successful login. If there is no check mark in the checkbox, click on the box to create a check mark. Click on OK. Your life is now simpler! (Thanks to Cheryl Wiemuth for this tip.)

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