N.Y. District Picks DeepNines

Plattsburgh (NY) City Schools has chosen the iTrust solution from DeepNines Technologies to control and manage its network traffic, content, and applications.

The district was looking for a solution that would provide granular control of the content and applications on the network. When evaluating solutions, requirements included relevant URL filtering categories, detailed network information/statistics, and visibility into network traffic

"DeepNines iTrust allows me to see exactly what is happening on my network, and that has been invaluable," said Kevin Ryan, senior network and systems technician of the Northeast Regional Information Center, working in Plattsburgh City Schools. "In the past I had to simply wait for things to happen before I could react; now I'm in control of my network."

DeepNines iTrust is a solution designed specifically for K-12 school districts to control content and keep students safe. It combines firewall, intrusion prevention, traffic management, and content filtering into a single platform. DeepNines iTrust utilizes deep packet inspection (DPI) to evaluate every packet on every network port and protocol. This in-depth information on network traffic is presented in user-friendly interface and can be used to develop and enforce policies on Internet traffic.