NY pilots online support system for standards-aligned learning and assessment

Generation YES has been contracted to develop the New York Technology Literacy Assessment (NYTLA) system. NYTLA gives teachers and students an online support system for standards-aligned learning and assessment and is being piloted at 36 middle schools.

NYTLA will support hands-on project-based learning in all academic areas:

-Common Core and technology literacy standards alignment
-Project management tools, including student e-portfolios and collaborative messaging
-Technology literacy assessment and certification based on ISTE NETS standards for students
-Online student and teacher resources, including guides, curriculum, and planning tools
-Administrative tools and reports
-Peer mentoring and assessment tools

The system is part of the continuing efforts of educators across New York to lead the nation in advances in teaching and learning and to provide a showcase of best practices. Ongoing support and enhancements of the NYTLA system is being led by the Eastern Suffolk BOCES in cooperation with a consortium of other partners from New York districts and other BOCES.

Research shows that project-based learning creates in-depth and relevant learning, but many schools find that students and teachers are unsure how to implement and manage project-based learning. By creating the NYTLA system, New York becomes the first state to offer a comprehensive tool to support the transition to high-tech projects in all subject areas.