October 2010 What’s New

October 2010 What’s New

Online & Software


The newly launched AIMS web Behavior module offers a set of behavioral tools that work in tandem with the system’s academic assessment and data management features to implement a comprehensive RTI framework in the classroom. AIMS web’s new behavior and social skills tool kit provides a way to identify, intervene in, and monitor behaviors and social skills in the classroom.
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Category: assessment

Aspen 3.0

The Aspen 3.0 Community Learning Pages are like mini Web sites; they facilitate the exchange of information between any number of groups. Pages can be enhanced by adding features such as announcements, blogs, news feeds, graphics, class statistics, shared files, and homework assignments.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: Web portal

Blended Learning Courses

Atomic Learning’s new Blended Learning Courses incorporates opportunities for professionaldevelopment participants to coach and collaborate with one another, learn new technology skills, and reflect on the experience. Participants are given two weeks to complete this self-paced work before the group meets for a day of live instruction delivered on-site or via the Web. During the two weeks following the live training day, participants continue to work together and apply the skills and techniques they’ve learned. All courses include ample opportunity to collaborate online with other participants and with the Atomic Learning facilitator. Initial courses feature 21st Century Skills & Technology Integration.
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Category: professional development

Book Buddy

The Book Buddy is an MP3 audiobook that comes loaded with complete books from any library, even your own. The photos and captions in each book are referenced repeatedly by a narrator on the audio to compel students to follow along with the book as they listen. The Book Buddy allows students to navigate with ease through the audiobook at their own pace: They can pause, fast-forward, rewind, or skip directly to any chapter. Each Book Buddy audiobook is paced appropriately; lower-level versions of a text are read slower than higher-level versions.
Price: Starts at $20 a unit.
Category: reading, audiobooks

Builder Research Paper Edition

Mead’s Builder Research Paper Edition not only helps students organize and create better papers but also frees teachers from drawn-out format and structure lessons. The Builder program is completely contained on a flash drive, with nothing to download to the computer, and it guides students through building a better research paper, from keeping organized to staying on deadline to developing a thesis and citing sources properly.
Price: $39.99 per USB
Category: organizational tools

CCC! Enhancements

New Dimension Media’s CCC ! Core Curriculum Content enhanced features integrates with a leading streaming-video engine. This streaming engine converts CCC !’s H.264 video files to Flash, but CCC ! is not limited to that format for future applications. The system features applications for integration with interactive-whiteboard and presentation software and allows teachers to create videos, teaching materials, lesson plans, and assessment components for use in the classroom or by individual students. In addition, CCC ! includes Classroom LIVE !, a distance-learning application; and the capacity for webcasting live productions by the adopting school.
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Category: video streaming


Selestra LLC announces CIVCC. ORG, an Internet community focused on collecting and disseminating interactive-videoconferencing content-supplier information and user feedback for K–12. CIVCC .OR G makes it easy for an instructor to choose a virtual field trip or workshop for students. Teachers utilize the CIVCC Guide, an ever-evolving directory of videoconferencing-content venues, to aid them in evaluating content suppliers and interactive-video content and price directly or by collaborating with other practitioners who have previously shared their opinions and reviews.
Price: free
Category: videoconferencing

CompassLearning Impact Teacher Academy

CompassLearning Impact Teacher Academy provides innovative professional learning opportunities for educators. It is a blend of workshops, leadership planning, real-world instructional coaching, and always-on technology. Virtual and in-person services are offered to help educators delve into specialized topics that help optimize Odyssey for educators and students.
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Category: professional development

Curriculum Improvement Studio Enhancements

The Curriculum Improvement Studio suite of Web-based productivity software has been enhanced for easy alignment of instruction plans, assignments, and operational curriculum with the just-released Common Core State Standards. This upgrade lets teachers and administrators quickly identify and customize appropriate benchmarks and core standards for their students. They also can easily choose strands, attach custom standards that reflect their unique needs, and provide proactive reporting based on collected data.
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Category: productivity software

DataMetrics Collaboration with ETS

dataMetrics has collaborated with Educational Testing Service to offer ETS ’s Formative Assessment Item Bank, which contains more than 60,000 highquality items within its TestWiz assessment analysis system. Items are aligned to the standards of all 50 states and Washington, D.C., and are available for measuring mathematics and Englishlanguage arts standards for grades K–12 and science standards for grades three through 12. The ETS item bank consists of multiplechoice items and short and extended constructed-response items with item-specific and generic rubrics. After they administer a test, educators can scan the answer documents back into the TestWiz system and analyze the results using several data elements.
Price: $3 per student per year for registered TestWiz users
Category: assessment


With almost 200 literacy skills embedded in curriculum packs for elementary, middle, and high school students, interactive DimensionL instructional software introduces and reinforces such topics as language conventions, parts of speech, reading and writing processes, spelling, and vocabulary. The enhanced Educator Portal on DimensionU.com includes comprehensive reporting functions that offer a beneficial look at each child’s progress and mastery. Improved formatting of on-screen and spreadsheet-based reports, as well as graphical representation of data, help teachers track student progress in fluency and identification of specific grammatical forms, conventions, and rules.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: reading


Teachers can use Doodle to schedule meetings and activities with faculty and parents as well as to invite students to participate in polls. Additionally, students can schedule times for study groups with many participants (up to an entire class) and take polls for reports by using Doodle. By bringing Doodle in their “backpacks,” students can let it organize their projects, and since a shared-calendar system isn’t needed, everyone can participate.
Price: free; see Web site for premiumversion price
Category: management

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Version 11

The new version of Dragon Naturally- Speaking Version 11 includes a more intuitive user interface, a new accent model tuned for younger speakers, voice commands, correcting and editing tools, and an audio transcriber. The Dragon 11 family enables students, teachers, and school administrators simply to speak and watch their words appear accurately in essays, reports, reviews, emails, and more.
Price: Dragon Premium Student/Teacher boxed edition for individual users, $99; more prices listed on Web site
Category: linguistics

Fast ForWord

BrainPro Services combines Fast ForWord techniques with the remote support of a trained and experienced tutor. Effectiveness studies show that the Fast ForWord software used in BrainPro can improve some children’s reading skills by as much as two grade levels in as little as 12 to 16 weeks.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: reading

(www.iAdmissions.com )

iAdmissions uses virtual classrooms to connect students with former admissions officers who provide guidance through the college application process. iAdmissions was founded in 2009, when a group of experienced admissions officers from Harvard, Brown, Stanford, and other top universities came together to find a way to help students get the feedback they need to get into college.
Price: starting at $149; scholarships available.
Category: College prep


Linguee is a contextual translation search engine that uses human expertise to turn the entire Web into a concise and free online dictionary. The service is available for bidirectional translations in five new languages, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German. Linguee works like this: Take the word set in English. When you search for the Spanish equivalent with Google, it gives you several different words that have completely different meanings. Using Linguee, you get actual examples of how the term is used so that you can determine the exact meaning.
Price: free
Category: translation

Lucky Star

The daily animated math series Cyberchase will engage kids in a whole new way with L ucky Star, an application for SMART Board interactive whiteboards. Lucky Star combines age-appropriate math and problem solving while allowing kids to have fun competing for top scores.
Price: free
Category: math

Microsoft add-ins to Office

Microsoft is releasing two free education-specific add-ins, 20 new education templates, and new teacher how-to materials for its Office suite. F or example, the Interactive Classroom addin helps increase collaboration between educators and students and provides real-time assessment through polls and interactive note taking. The Mathematics add-in uses 3-D graphs and charts to help educators illustrate complex math problems and concepts. The Learning Essentials templates are a set of predesigned Office templates created specifically for the educational setting.
Price: free
Category: productivity

Microsoft Excel tutorial

Duffy Ventures, LLC has launched Excel Everest , an interactive Microsoft Excel tutorial that automatically grades you as you learn. Excel Everest contains 41 topics, 155 exercises, 339 buttons, and 87 embedded videos.
Price: $34.95.
Category: professional development

NEStest.com Enhancements

Now at NES test.com, teacher licensure candidates and faculty members will find complete testing information, candidate preparation materials, and college and university faculty preparation resources for the computer-based testing program. Through NES test.com’s new My Account feature, teacher licensure candidates have a single online point of access for all their testing information and services. My Account users can register for tests, manage existing registrations, access score reports, and view testing history at their convenience through a streamlined interface. The redesigned site also includes policies and procedures for taking all 33 NES tests, including the rules of test participation and alternative testing arrangements for candidates with disabilities.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: professional development


PBS KIDS PLAY! educational games for children in preschool, kindergarten, and special education can now be licensed for classroom use. The online game-based learning program includes content in mathematics, science, language development, literacy, creativity, healthy development, and social studies. The program also features exclusive new foreign-language learning games in Spanish, French, and Mandarin from LITTLE PIM , the award-winning DVD language series. It also includes classroom management for up to 30 students, with individual progress tracking and personalized learning for each student.
Price: $499 for an account (serves 30 students)
Category: educational games

PCI Education

PCI Education, provider of resources for students with special needs, announces the expansion of its reading and math intervention offerings through the acquisition of five products from Kaplan K12 Learning Services, a division of Kaplan, Inc. Four of the products purchased are SpellRead, TextConnections, Summer Ventures, and Momentum Math. A fifth product, an Algebra remediation curriculum, will be released in the coming year.
Price: n/a
Category: special education

Questionmark Moodle Connector

The Questionmark Moodle Connector enables instructors to link their Moodle courses to course evaluations, quizzes, tests, and exams deployed using Perception. Instructors may specify assessment dates and limit the number of times students may access assessments. Using the connector, students authenticated in Moodle can link directly to Perception assessments, which are scored automatically. The Connector then passes test results back for reporting via Moodle’s Grade Report.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: assessment


ResultsManager extends the existing comprehensive reporting functionality of the company’s TurningPoint and TurningPoint AnyWhere software to allow instructors and presenters to store, track, and administer several interactive polling sessions. Features and functionality include cumulative scores for individuals, groups, and courses; integration with LMS solutions, such as Blackboard, WebCT , Sakai, and Moodle; matrix display of data for statistics; and no installation required.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: assessment

Science Power

World Book introduced Science Power, a new science Web site designed for students in the upper elementary grades. Science Power lessons cover all science curriculum topics, with highlighted vocabulary, rich multimedia, custom-made animations, and review questions.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: science


ScuttlePad is a social network for kids that allows members to interact online while building language skills. With ScuttlePad, kids express themselves using guided communication to learn how to share information responsibly. Once they’re part of the ScuttlePad community, kids can connect with their friends in a fun and safe way.
Price: free
Category: online community

Shmoop Pre-Algebra Learning Guides

Shmoop’s free online Pre- Algebra Learning Guides contain hundreds of topics with succinct explanations in a welcoming, conversational voice designed for students. Each topic comes with diagrams, interactive stepby- step examples, practice problems, and real-world applications.
Price: free
Category: math

Social Media Cache

The SuperLumin Social Media Cache alleviates the enormous impact that social-media Web sites have on institutional bandwidth. The SuperLumin Social Media Cache can determine if an object has already been retrieved from another server and vend it from the existing cache inventory. It also integrates with existing proxies, caches only social-media requests, performs as a reverse proxy, minimizes bandwidth consumption, and more.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: media management

Student Tracker

Administrators and teachers can now create communication groups for every student, or groups of students, with School Loop’s Student Tracker. This tool allows everyone involved in a student’s education to monitor that student’s academic performance, communicate about his or her problems and successes, and ensure that appropriate steps are being taken to keep the student’s academic performance and social/ emotional behavior on track.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: student learning

TalentEd Perform

TalentEd Perform offers a wide variety of customizable features that make the evaluation process easier for educators and more accurate. Online evaluation forms allow employees to easily complete their own walk-throughs, observations, and other forms online. Supervisors can use TalentEd Perform’s S upervisor D ashboard and Evaluation Management functions to schedule and track upcoming tasks and meetings. TalentEd Perform includes a configurable Standards Manager that lets users align assessment forms and evaluations with a variety of standards.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: assessment


Teachbook.com has begun a soft launch of their website teachbook.com, a Web site for educators, despite a lawsuit filed by Facebook for trademark infringement. Teachbook.com will be selecting Teachbook Ambassadors, who will be the initial users of the website, and who will generate lesson plans and online courses within the website’s database.
Price: free
Category: social networking

Teaching Systems: Biology

Teaching Systems: Biology covers the core high school–level biology topics, presenting them in seven DVD s, including: M olecules & Cells, H eredity & Inheritance, M olecular Genetics, Evolutionary Biology, O rganisms & Populations, H uman Physiology & Immune Response, and E cology. Each module includes a video plus a digital workbook.
Price: Titles cost $49.98 each; complete collection is $314.88 (on October 15, 2010).
Category: science

Text-To-Speech Additions to EBSCOhost databases

EBSCO Publishing has added text-to-speech (read-aloud) support to EBSCO host databases, including its major school and public library databases, by embedding Texthelp Systems’ SpeechStream toolbar. Users can take advantage of this new feature with any full-text articles available in HTML . The support toolbar provides assistance to those by whom text-to-speech capabilities are highly valued, such as English-language learners and users with poor vision or slight physical and/or learning disabilities, as well as eBook and PDA users.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: assistive tech

Total Training DVDs

The Total Training Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Bundle of videotraining courses gives users a foundation in the design software. Users enhance design and creative skills with award-winning training in Photoshop, Flash, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Illustrator, and InDesign. Total Training for Microsoft Office 2010 New Features covers the new and enhanced features found in the Office 2010 applications as well as changes to the interface.
Price: Starts at $64.95.
Category: professional development


With Xplana, students can now get instant searchable and well-organized access to hundreds of thousands of academic resources. At the same time, they can interact, share, and collaborate with each other, all online and outside the print or digital book. Xplana is using MarkLogic to manage and deliver all information. MarkLogic’s advanced capabilities also power the Xplana search engine and create an intelligent connection to unlimited volumes of disparate unstructured pieces of academic-related information, tools, and popular social-networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: organizational tools

Cool School Apps

ABC On The Go 1.0

ABC On The Go 1.0 is a reading-readiness app for iOS that reinforces recognition of letters and their sounds through the playing of interactive games. Each game builds on the previous one, reinforcing skills that are the foundation of early reading. The games are intuitive and easy to navigate and have a kid-friendly interface with audio for the correct pronunciattion of each letter.
Price: $1.99
Category: reading


Adapster, an adaptive test-preparation app available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, now offers adaptive tests and a free diagnostic exam with detailed score reports. The full version comes loaded with 150 lessons and more than 1,000 questions written by a team of professional educators to mimic SAT math problems as closely as possible. The “flex” version provides a diagnostic test and allows you to purchase only the parts you need based on a number of subject areas and subtopics related to the math portion of the SAT exam.
Price: full version, $9.99; “flex” version, free
Category: test prep

Algebra Touch 1.1

Algebra Touch 1.1 is an educational app for learning and practicing algebra. The app features 17 interactive-lesson topics, interactive pracpractice problems, and the ability to create unlimited new problems. All actions and responses are touch activated and animated. Topics include Simplification, Like Terms, Order of Operations, and Commutativity.
Price: $2.99
Category: math

Blackboard Mobile Learn

Blackboard Mobile Learn for Blackberry, Android, and iPhone OS brings two-way teaching and learning to mobile devices. With the apps, students can check grades and assignments, email their classmates and instructors, add discussion-board comments and blog posts, and more.
Price: free
Category: mobile learning

Crestron iPad

The newest version of the Crestron iPad includes automatic portrait/landscape rotation and gesture navigation on the iPad for Crestron and Prodigy control systems. A graphic template with user-selectable backgrounds designed especially for the iPad is available from the Crestron Web site. Using Wi-Fi locally or a 3G network remotely, educators can access and control Crestron and Prodigy systems anywhere, anytime.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: mobile management

journ(i)e mobile

journ(i)e mobile is a free Android application for K–12 students and teachers who are using the company’s student-centered learning network, journ(i)e. journ(i)e mobile enables users to access journ(i)e via their mobile smartphones, providing greater access to the network and new opportunities to engage and collaborate with students and teachers. With journ(i) e mobile, users can safely update their status, view and comment on streaming updates from people and groups they are connected to, share and publish content, subscribe to other blogs, send messages to peers and teachers, and more.
Price: free
Category: mobile management

Minimod Fractions Lite

e Skills Learning announces the release of minimod Fractions Lite, which offers two levels of play on four levels of difficulty. Students can play the Lite version in practice mode or single-player mode with a 100-question database. The full version, to be introduced shortly, will contain a database of more than 400 questions and also include a multi-player competitive mode. This iPod app helps students practice basic fractions, advanced fractions, fraction math, and ordering fractions.
Price: free
Category: math


myCalc supplies its users with the three most fundamental tools needed to solve equations: an empty work space, a tool to write with, and plenty of room to think. The myCalc app allows any user to input diverse mathematical equations and procure answers for them at a speed limited only by their ability to reason their way through a given equation. myCalc was recently released for the iPhone, the iPod, and the iPad.
Price: See iTunes for pricing.
Category: math/apps

MyNature Tree Guide 1.1

Using the MyNature Tree Guide 1.1 app, the user answers as many questions as possible about a tree that he or she is trying to identify. The app searches its database for the tree that most closely resembles the answers. Once the tree is identified, the user can see photos of it and maps of its range or read more to learn about the tree and its growth cycle.
Price: $6.99
Category: science


The Toughtech (www.CRU-dataport.com) storage enclosure now includes government-strength encryption and stores up to two TBs on 3.5-inch SATA HDDs with the new Toughtech Secure Q. If your drive is lost or stolen, no one will be able to view its contents without the proper AES Encryption Key.

Califone’s (www.califone.com) USB Digital Microscope has been upgraded to feature Windows 7 compatibility. Now the microscope can connect to any classroom computer and accommodate large group lessons when wired to a projector. In addition, the new light adjustment and several filter options allow educators to display different details in snapshots on-screen.

The IN3914 (shown) and IN3916 series projectors (www.infocus.com) can be used from a tabletop, a media cart, a wall mount, or a ceiling mount and can project images of up to five feet wide from only three feet away. The maximum projected image size is 12.5 feet. The IN3900 series includes 20-watt stereo sound, advanced audio processing, microphone input, and assignable audio sources. Both projectors connect with PC, Mac, and video sources commonly used in classrooms and conference rooms.

The Kensington (www.kensington.com) Laptop Locking Station is made with an all-steel backbone and deflector plates that resist cutting, drilling, and prying. It also features a high-security disk lock that resists bumping and picking; a dock that allows the laptop to be rotated, slid, and tilted; and easy installation without the hassle of cables. The Kensington Locking Station is compatible with a variety of laptops from 13.3 inches to 17 inches.

The SnapStream (www.snapstream.com) Server streams live or recorded television directly to classrooms over the existing local area network. By being able to easily schedule, search, and clip recordings from the PCs on their desks, teachers no longer have to wait their turn for shared A/V setups, or rely on other people to make recordings for them. One SnapStream Server can record 10 television shows simultaneously and store up to 17,000 hours of TV .

Premier Mounts (www.premiermounts.com) is shipping the CPA-50, a 50-watt (2x25W RMS ) compact power amplifier, as a stand-alone product. Three stereo inputs and a discrete microphone input with mixer, along with separate line and microphone gain adjustments, make it perfect for connecting to a projector, a wireless microphone receiver, and other sound sources. The amplifier also features a control port for an optional external volume control box and the WP-50, which can be located up to 100 feet away from the C PA-50. The energy-efficient C PA- 50 consumes little power and automatically goes into standby mode if no input signal is detected for 20 minutes.

Video Mount Products (www.videomount.com) has announced its new large flat-panel digital-signage mount, the FP-LDSB. The FP-LDSB holds most 32-inchto- 63-inch flat panels with a maximum flat-panel hole pattern of 810 mm x 530 mm (810 mm x 810 mm with extensions). The FP-LDSB has an adjustable tilt of -5 degrees to +15 degrees in lockable five-degree increments.

Teradek (www.teradek.com/cube.html) introduces the Cube camera-top HD video encoder. Cube encodes HD video of up to 1,080p30 using advanced compression, H.264 High Profile Level 4.1. Cube is housed in a miniaturized rugged milled-aluminum enclosure and weighs only seven ounces. Use Cube to turn seminars into live webinars; broadcast youth, high school, and college sports; and stream local theater, talent shows, and community events over the Web.

Avid (www.avid.com) has released the completely redesigned Pro Tools Mbox—a complete, integrated, computer-based music creation and production system. The Mbox, Mbox Pro, and Mbox Mini deliver flexible analog and digital connectivity and feature a premium analog signal path and highperformance converters for exceptional sound. Pro Tools 8 LE is included, as are third-party drivers for rock-solid integration with Logic, Live, Record, Reason, Fruity Loops, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, and more. With Mbox, your sessions will move at the speed of your creativity.

The XP1Power (www.xp1power.com) Cable acts as a battery backup for times when your mobiledevice battery runs low and there is no time to charge. It also acts as your charge-sync cable when you do have the time to charge or sync data and adds surge protection while charging your costly mobile device. The XP1Power Cable isn’t for mobile phones only; with the interchangeable iXP1 adapters, you have endless possibilities, such as smartphones and cell phones; tablet devices; iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad; portable GPS devices; and PDA s.

Hitachi (www.hitachi-america.us/digitalmedia) has introduced the Full HD Series CP-WUX645 3LCD projector. With native WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution, the CP-WUX645 projector can display 1080p content and more, while offering a brightness of 4,200 ANSI Lumens. Horizontal and vertical lens shift allows users to precisely center the image as needed. With Picture by Picture functionality, the CP-WUX645 can simultaneously project images from two separate sources, side by side. The CP-WUX645 also offers advanced connectivity, with an HDMI input allowing for the transmission of uncompressed digital audio/video streams.

The DP-10 (www.olympusamerica.com) features the simple design and operation of analog recorders but has the memory, recording quality, battery life, and storage capacity of a digital device. About the size of a deck of cards, the DP-10 measures 1.78 inches wide and features a large, easy-toread font. Recording in high-quality WMA format, the DP-10 boasts 63 hours of battery life and can record for more than 131 consecutive hours in LP mode. The Noise Cancellation blocks out unnecessary background noises, and the Microphone Sense Setting adjusts the microphones to pick up faint sounds easier or soften loud sounds to permit the best audio recording.

The XGA-resolution LV -7590 Multimedia Projector (www.usa.canon.com) delivers 7,000 lumens of brightness and a contrast ratio of 1,800:1. This new projector offers five optional lenses that enable it to be customized for a variety of front- and rearprojection applications. The LV -7590 Multimedia Projector also employs a Color Control Device, an advanced technology that helps deliver exceptional image clarity and precise color.

The detail-enhancing light from Aven’s (www.aveninc.com) OptiVue Magnifying Lamp helps students examine biology, geology, earth science, and chemistry specimens. A crystal-clear three-diopter lens provides magnification within a 3.5-inch viewing area. A 13-watt fluorescent bulb guarantees clarity, while a flexible goose neck allows fingertip height and angle adjustments.

The redesigned HP (www.hp.com) Mini 210 gives users all-day computing, optional high-definition (HD) video playback, and a broad range of color options in a new slim and stylish design. T he Mini 210 includes a built-in WLAN webcam, a microphone, and a nearly full-size island-style keyboard. An optional 10.1-inch diagonal HD display and optional Broadcom Crystal HD Enhanced Video Accelerator enable smooth 720p and 1,080p HD content playback and video streaming from popular Web sites. Dolby Advanced Audio delivers optimal playback for movies, music, and gaming. New software on the laptop is HP Media Suite, Evernote, and HP Navigator.

The Epson (www.epsonbrighterfutures.com) DC-11 document camera makes it easy to display textbooks, experiments, and 3-D objects. It features a fivemegapixel sensor, a 10x digital zoom, and 30 framesper- second video at full resolution for stunning image quality and performance. Using the convenient built-in microphone and included software, the DC -11 allows teachers to easily record audio and video to capture classroom lessons and student presentations.