Online CE adds 21st century skills training

In Michigan, all educators are required to complete 18 State Board-Continuing Education Units (SB-CEUs)/ 6 semester credit hours to renew a professional education certificate. To facilitate educators’ access to high-quality CE coursework, the Michigan Department of Education implemented LearnPort, a web-based professional development delivery system, in 2003. This on-demand system helps meet the personal and professional training requirements of Michigan’s teachers.

Among LearnPort’s six national providers is Atomic Learning, which offers courses in 21st-century skills training on subjects relevant to modern teaching techniques. Tutorial series teach complex subjects in short videos which are available at any time, from any location. Schools which currently subscribe to the Atomic Learning 21st Century Skills package can access this material at no charge through LearnPort.

Atomic Learning’s LearnPort offerings incorporate relevant topics with commonly used software such as Excel, Word, Power Point, Google Earth, Comic Life and others. Courses on cyberbullying and social networking emphasize safe and responsible Web 2.0 use.

The courses apply toward the SB-CEU requirement and help teachers use their new knowledge in the classroom with curriculum supplements in the form of adaptable Technology Integration Projects. LearnPort courses based on Atomic Learning’s Technology Integration Projects include preliminary training assignments to ensure that teachers fully understand the software before involving the classroom.