Online Community for Blended Math Learning Launched

DreamBox Learning® ( and today announced the launch of Blended Learning, an online professional learning community (PLC) to support educators exploring and implementing blended learning models for elementary mathematics.

The Blended Learning PLC will provide a collaborative forum for administrators, math coaches, curriculum coordinators, and teachers of mathematics to gather and share insights as schools and districts implement blended learning models at the classroom level.

As part of the partnership with, DreamBox Learning will host a monthly Blended Learning webinar series as well as provide a dedicated blog and access to resources and tools that will allow educators to receive a Continued Education (CE) certificate.

The next webinar, Introduction to Blended Learning for Elementary Schools, is scheduled for February 27 at 3:00 p.m. EST. The session will be presented by author and educator Dr. Jeff Piontek, who will present the keys to implementing successful blended learning models that leverage the combination of real-time and online interaction to improve math teaching and student learning.

Administrators and math educators are invited to join the Blended Learning community. All webinars and content are free. Register for the February 27 webinar. Listen to an interview with's Lisa Schmucki and Dr. Tim Hudson, Director of Curriculum Design at DreamBox Learning, discussing the rise in blended learning and the launch of the Blended Learning PLC. More information about the overall program can be found at