Online learning community supports educators implementing Common Core State Standards in math

ETA/Cuisenaire, provider of hands-on supplemental products for math, science, and literacy education, and, a professional social and learning network for the education community, jointly announced this week the launch of Implementing Common Core State Standards in Math, an online professional learning community (PLC) to support educators.

The PLC will provide a forum for administrators, math coaches, math specialists, curriculum coordinators, teachers of mathematics and paraprofessionals to come together for advice and support as schools and districts transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and determine how to implement these standards at the classroom level.

“This is a time when educators need support as 45 states have adopted these new national standards, and online professional learning communities are an increasingly recognized way for educators to improve their knowledge and practice,” said Lisa Schmucki, founder and CEO,

ETA/Cuisenaire will be hosting a series of free monthly webinars on this topic, adding a structured professional development component to the learning community. The webinars are being presented by Dr. Sara Delano Moore, director of mathematics and science at ETA/Cuisenaire, an accomplished educator who earned degrees at the University of Virginia, University of Oxford and The Johns Hopkins University.

The next webinar in the series, “Mathematical Habit of Mind in the Practices: Problem Solving & Attending to Precision,” is scheduled for 4 p.m. EST Wednesday (Feb. 8), and will be followed by presentations on, “Reasoning & Explaining in the Practices,” “Modeling & Using Tools in the Practices,” and “Seeing Structure & Generalizing in the Practices.” The initial webinar, “Understanding the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics,” was recorded and archived as will all presentations in the series. CE certificates are provided for attending and viewing the webinars.

Math educators and members of the education industry are invited to join the Implementing Common Core Standards in Math community at