PA first to integrate Keyboard Town PALS keyboarding program

The Jeffrey Primary School (Glenshaw, PA) will be the first public school to integrate Keyboard Town PALS (KTP) into its curriculum. Keyboard Town PALS is a computer keyboard method that incorporates successful association and memory techniques, as well as story-telling through live puppets. Keyboard Town PALS is unique in its approach to teaching material for typing through its use of the Purposeful Associative Learning System (PALS).

The KTP program was introduced to the administration and teachers at Jeffrey Primary on June 11, and the school’s principal Kara Eckert immediately saw its value. Eckert “knew that it would be a perfect fit for the level of technology instruction” available to the school, and believes the program could “serve as a stepping stone” to other projects and programs the school plans to unveil over the coming year. Jeffrey Primary second graders will use the KTP program, while Kindergarten teachers will incorporate KTP’s readiness program into their curriculum.