PaperlessEDU: Using Kami More Efficiently @usekamiapp

One of my SUBSTITUTION steps in going paperless (see SAMR Model) is to convert meaningful paper-based activities and use them as a digital resources with products like Kami. Kami is a PDF annotation tool.

When I post a PDF in Google Classroom, my students open it in Kami and make a copy for themselves. The next class period I have had them go to Google Drive, locate that file, open it and continue. However, one of my students shared with me that she has bookmarked this page: she simply goes to recents each time to pull up the previous day’s activities. This may not seem like much but it saves my students a few clicks each time and means one less webpage to load on those slow internet days (yes, they are a real thing). A pretty cool tip!

NOTE: For the past two years I have been a paperless teacher. In my five sections of social studies I distribute activities through Google Classroom. As a result of going paperless, I have saved myself 42 hours of standing at the photocopies each year (yes, literally 42 hours)… that time does not include paper jams. This blog post is a tip I hope will help you in your transition to paperless.

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