Patience and Empathy

As a mentor, you may find your patience wearing a little thin with some of your colleagues. It may be difficult to relate to your beginning teachers. In a meeting with the other mentors:

  • Ask each mentor to fill out a table tent card with his or her name.
  • Ask them to write their names with their non-dominant hand (left hand if right handed)

The mentors may not see why this is relevant... until...

  • They share reactions. Some may find it easy to do, but most will feel uncomfortable and found it difficult.
  • Explain that their beginning teachers may have similar feelings about using technology especially using it with their students.

Putting yourself occasionally in uncomfortable positions helps you develop empathy toward those colleagues that seem to (many without their knowing) make your life a little difficult. Not all tasks that are easy for you are easy for everyone else.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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