PDAs in the Classroom

Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are being used more, both in and out of the classroom. PDAs allow the one-to-one student / computer ratio that encourages innovation and creativity. PDAs are not just a management tool and calendar in schools. They can be used for assessment, data collection, typing essays, and much more.

  • Visit Probesight to learn how to attach probes and sensors to a PDA so that students can collect and record pH levels, temperature, and dissolved oxygen of a nearby pond or creek.
  • Use portable keyboards with the PDAs so students can type drafts for their essays.
  • Refer to the dictionary on PDAs instead of carrying a paper dictionary.
  • Beam spelling words to students so they can work on definitions and vocabulary usage.
  • Beam homework assignments to students. When the homework is due, students point their PDAs at a printer with an infrared adapter and turn in the printouts of their work.
  • Download Quizzler, free software, so students can make their own practice quizzes and then beam them to others in the class.
  • Teachers can go a step further with quiz programs with more advanced features such as multiple-choice questions or flash cards. Try QuizApp or Quizzler Pro.

Check out Handmark for class information management and grade tracking. Parents can access a secure Website for grades, assignments, and due dates.

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