Planning for The Election

It's time to start planning lessons for the upcoming election! Elections give you a chance to implement some really authentic and exciting content into Social Studies.

In the eLibrary you can find some very helpful resources. One of them is a Unit of Practice written for the last election, entitled Decision 2004.

It would be easy to look at that and decide that it is history and not look further. That would be a mistake because this Unit is full of very useful resources and ideas, such as links to some great websites, a rubric, handouts and ideas. Some of the handouts in this lesson are written in AppleWorks word processing (.cwk) and so you will have to open them first with a Text program and then delete all of the extra code so that you only have the main text, but it could save you some time. You may want to update this lesson for 2008 Campaign using the Universal builder.

The eLibrary is full of resources like this. Next time you are thinking of writing a lesson plan on something that may have been done before check out the eLibrary, Thinkfinity, or other sites that share lesson plans. There might even be a lesson plan you can use without changing anything!

Other resources about campaigns and elections:

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