Platform manages mobile learning devices

Kajeet® for Education ( ) announces its new platform Sentinel™ addresses district's these concerns about computing platforms
such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops and more.

Nationwide Wireless Service for Mobile Learning Devices
Kajeet for Education provides wireless services that leverage the Sprint Nationwide Network™ to deliver broadband data speeds that reach over 254 million people in over 14,000 cities. Kajeet for Education customers have deployed cell phones, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops and modem devices to support mobile learning for students in 11 states and the District of Columbia. In addition to devices with wireless broadband built-in, customers are also using Novatel MiFi wireless hotspots to provide Kajeet for Education service to WiFi-only devices such as iPads, Android tablets and netbooks.

Appropriate Use
Kajeet for Education has crossed a global platform for filtering used by schools, states and countries with a cloud-based architecture focused on mobile devices. Through a web-based console, school administrators can now custom configure filtering policies at the individual, group, class, grade, school, district or state level. Policies can be based on white lists, black lists, categories of content, traffic protocols, time of day or any combination thereof. Customers can build a CIPA-compliant Mobile Learning environment without any new equipment, servers or software to manage and without routing student mobile broadband traffic back through the school’s network – eliminating a potential bottleneck and single point-of-failure.

Controlling Cost
By eliminating the concepts of per-device data plans, overage fees, minimum contract terms, minimum quantities and monthly expiration or resets of data usage while adding the capability to set daily or monthly data limits, share data usage across all devices, retain ownership of purchased data until it is used and pre-pay for a project, Kajeet for Education can ensure customers only buy what they need and can come in under budget but never over budget. The Sentinel™ platform can even block high-bandwidth protocols such as streaming video, peer-to-peer file transfer and others to keep costs down.

Some districts will or have already purchased devices for 1:1 deployments from OEM’s such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer and others with built-in Mobile Broadband capability. Kajeet for Education can enable these devices with mobile broadband service or provide new devices such as Google Android based smartphones and tablets. Districts who have already deployed large WiFi-only 1:1 projects can supplement those programs and bridge the digital divide for students without home access by deploying Kajeet for Education powered mobile hotspots with Sentinel™ to ensure appropriate and controlled use regardless of what device uses the connection.

Kajeet for Education is a certified Priority 1 Service Provider under the federal E-Rate funding program and its services, including Sentinel™ are now available nationwide.