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Playing laptop audio on a stereo system

Question: I want to convert my laptop audio into my sound system, which uses digital (the round red/white plugs). Could you point me to the name of a product I need to do this?

The IT Guy says:
Red and white plugs in a standard stereo system are actually not digital plugs: they are RCA analog stereo plugs, for left and right channel audio.

The good news is that to play your laptop audio on a stereo system, you can go to Radio Shack or another electronics business selling different types of audio cables. What you want to buy is a 1/8 male stereo audio jack (standard headphone jack) to left and right female RCA jacks. This should cost less than $10, depending on the length and quality of cable used. These adapters are sometimes called “Y†adapters. You can view such a device at Radio Shack’s "6' Gold Series Y-Adapter Audio Cable".

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