Portraits of Learning 2008 Winners (sponsored by Adobe)

Portraits of Learning 2008 Winners (sponsored by Adobe)

Next time someone laments about “these kids today,” point them to this year’s winners of our student photography contest. Selected from an overwhelming six thousand entries, these images are proof that “these kids today” are not only extremely talented but also powerfully enabled by digital tools that can help them express and communicate those talents. A team of editors culled the masses down to a list of finalists for each category. We then relied on the keen eye of Louis Tonsmeire, Jr., a professional photographer with over 30 years experience and who serves on the board of directors of board member of Professional Photographers of America, to make the final call. This was not an easy chore. The inspired quality of almost all the entries was a testament to both the students and their teachers. -- Kevin Hogan


First Place: Lisa Carper, Grade 6, Josiah Bartlett School, Bartlett, NH

Runners up

Shooting Hoops: Madisyn Johnson, Grade 5, Loganville Springfield Elementary, York, PA

Wow! Gracie Herron, Grade 1, Blythe Elementary, Greenville, SC

Maggie's Baby Robin: Maggie Arone, Grade 2, St. Bernard School, IN


First Place: Leaf on a Pond, Ben Joosten, Grade 7, West Jr. High, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Runners up

Yosemite Stream: Brendan James, Grade 7, The Wilson School, Mountain Lakes, NJ

Water Fountain: Sabrina Jivani, Grade 7, Wodward Academy, College Park, GA

Dark Emotion:Lexie Norfleet, Grade 8, Woodward Academy, College Park, GA


First Place: Bloodstained Sunrise, Paul Bertolino, Grade 12, Ward Melville, East Setauket, NY

Runners up

Boyhood Bravery: Andrew Wilson, Grade 12, Riverview hih School, Sarasota, FL

Light: Melissa Cannon, Grade 11, Harbor Springs, High School, Harbor Springs, MI

Our pride: Josh Hettrick, Grade 10, Daniel HS, Madison, CT


At the Same Time: Chloe Taylor, Grade 12, Grade 12, New Albany HS, New Albany, IN