Preparing the Mentors

Coaching and mentoring programs help teachers to meet their professional development goals on an ongoing basis. Mentors should be prepared so they can better support their teachers. A coach can help develop the mentoring program to:

  • Understand the basis for the program. Meet with your administrator(s) to determine if the activities meet school or district objectives.
  • Investigate what other programs (i.e. school reform efforts) may also be in place that could affect implementation of your coaching program.
  • Set up an orientation meeting with all of the mentors so they understand their roles and responsibilities and the skills they will need to implement the program.
  • Develop a professional learning plan to determine what support mentors will need to be successful.
  • Set up times to meet with each mentor to monitor progress with his or her teachers.
  • Encourage mentors to observe actual teaching practices and hear the same message as the teachers they are coaching.

Some mentors need additional support because they are concerned that they are not making a difference. A coach is important to touch base with each of the mentors and to provide any help they may need to be successful.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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