Presidential Minute Contest: Top Ten Winners

ePals, the Internet's largest global community of connected classrooms, invited students from around the world
to tell President Obama about their most pressing concerns and hopes. Following are the top
ten young winners of the Presidential Minute Contest:

Kimberly Williams: "I want to go to college." A senior at Baltimore Polytechnic High, Kimberly has been accepted
to college, but wonders how she will be able to pay for it. She raps over video images about her concerns.

Hannah C: "Protect our environment." Keeping our earth healthy needs to be our priority now. Hannah C., a
student from Parker Middle School in Reading, MA asks President Obama to focus on global warming. Keep
the White House green, so others will follow by example. By your leadership, the United States can help save
the world.

Olivia Jenkins: "Find a cure for autism." Olivia Jenkins, a middle school student from Worcester Academy in
Massachusetts focuses on autism, a disease more prevalent than childhood cancer, and counsels President Obama
to make autism research a priority.

Patrick Grady:"Save endangered species." Patrick Grady, from Worcester Academy in Worcester MA, worries
about global warming destroying the habitats of many animals. He urges President Obama to reduce global
warming, protect animals' environments and help save endangered species.

Amond Bailey: "A Role Model for all Americans." Amond Bailey, a student from Howard University Middle
School for Mathematics and Science commends President Obama for being both the first African-American
President and a role model for all Americans to emulate. He urges the President to create community
programs to help poor youths and to reduce the tax burden on middle class families.

Tennessee First Graders: "Would you make a rule for not littering?" First Graders ask President Obama questions
about his job, his family and life in the White House: "Do you have to obey the rules you make?" "Is there a
hot tub in the White House?" and "Can you help stop making the ocean filthy?"

Stacey Peart: "Do you remember when you said?" A senior from Leon M. Goldstein High School in Brooklyn NY,
Stacey Peart reminds President Obama of promises he made to reduce taxes, end the war in Iraq, and make health care affordable. "You are already in our hearts and homes. Please, do not let us down."

Ojas Modi: "From India to the First Citizen." A young student from India asks President Obama to become a world leader, focusing on the eradication of poverty and terrorism. "We, the young citizens of the world, need to grow up in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility."

Divya Satischandra: "77cents for $1.00" A young student from Worcester Academy in Massachusetts writes a poignant poem describing the pay gap facing women workers. She asks President Obama to close the gap.

Harsh Lahiri: "When I grow up.." Harsh L, a elementary student from India, asks President Obama for a promise:When I grow up, will there still be "unity and harmony, fresh water and air pure" for all children to enjoy?

To view all the winners, visit the Presidential Minute page.

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