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Product: Lenovo Thinkcentre A70Z

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The Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z is a an all-in-one computer with a small 70% footprint that separates CPU and display, starts up in 35 seconds and is only 2.4 inches thick with a 19 inch display. A highdefinition Web camera and 6 USB ports make this a great product for the high-tech classroom. Teachers concerned about the cost will appreciate the computer’s 5 Star Energy Rating, saving users about $65 per year over previous Lenovo desktops.

PROS: The small footprint of this computer allows more computers to fit into the same classroom space than other machines.

CONS: Since the computer is an all-in-one product, having one part break renders the entire machine down for repairs. The computer uses wireless keyboards and mice, so teachers need to ensure that frequencies do not cross in a lab setting. (But there are models that do come with wired keyboard and mouse.)

OVERALL EVALUATION: The small footprint, the low prices, the HD picture, the wireless mouse and keyboard all make this machine too good of a value to pass up.
Retail price: Starting at $499

—Joe Huber



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