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Product: PSS Review360 GenEd

Psychological Software Solutions’ Review360 Gen- Ed is a Web-based software program designed to support behavior management of general-education students.
Publish date: Price: District-wide implementation is priced according to enrollment and varies from $2.50 to $5.50 per student depending on selected functionality.

By Ben Grey

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Psychological Software Solutions’ Review360 Gen- Ed is a Web-based software program designed to support behavior management of general-education students.

Quality and Effectiveness: Review360 provides support and coaching for teachers and administration in addressing students’ behavior. In this capacity, it offers a nicely focused approach to collecting and analyzing data, as well as overall professional development and coaching modules to help educators understand students’ behavior and find appropriate responses to potentially troublesome behavior. The system provides tools for reporting incidents and for referring students because of frequent behaviors, and these data are then included in the classroom and school database for future analysis. This can help establish a school-wide approach to improving students’ behavior.

Ease of Use: Review360 provides a positive user experience, as the resources and data tools are well designed and nicely implemented. The various sections of the management suite are clearly labeled in navigation headings, and the data tools, professional development, and suite management are easy to find and explore through the Web-based site architecture.

Creative Use of Technology: The professional development modules are concise and informative. Review360 may be stronger, especially in this area, if multimedia is integrated eventually, but its absence does not greatly diminish the product’s overall effectiveness.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: Review360 was created by two psychologists who were passionate about helping students, staff, and parents understand and address students’ behavior better. This passion shows clearly in the final product, as it was built with the educational environment in mind and is a useful and effective tool for helping schools address particular behaviors of concern.

Top Features

¦ Data tools are nicely designed and implemented.
¦ Embedded professional-development modules use high-interest topics presented in a clear, useful manner.
¦ System is easy to use and navigate overall.



PSSI Review360 GenEd

Product PSSI Review360 GenEd ( By Ben Grey Pricing to come Psychological Software Solutions’ Review360 GenEd is a Web based software program designed to support behavior management of general education students.                         Quality and Effectiveness                                              Review 360 is a Web based

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